Over the next 25 years, Nova Steel Group continued to expand and evolve its network and core competencies. In 2022, several new facilities will join the company’s portfolio in Canada, US and Mexico. Today we offer value-added steel products and solutions serving some of the largest industries in North America; from Automotive to Building and… Continue reading 2022


Nova Tube acquired and consolidated various businesses within its St-Patrick location, expanding its tube and pipe capabilities across Canada.


Worth an estimated $200 million in 1996, Nova Steel doubled its size by purchasing American Steel and Aluminum, a company south of the border.


Bryan’s son Scott Jones joined the company in 1991 and now serves as President and CEO.


In the mid-1980s, Bryan purchased and installed a brand new state-of-the-art tube mill and continued to expand the capabilities of the business, helping expand the reach and sales of his business, and setting precedent for the constant innovation that Nova Steel is now known for.


After working in the industry for several years, Bryan Jones founded Nova Steel in Montreal in 1979 and established a work ethic that would see the company grow quickly and evolve with the times.